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Have a question? Please take a look at our FAQ section below. If you still need help, email support@spoketechnologies.com

iPad FAQ:

How do I get started?

Upon launch you can create an account, login with your account from the SPOKEnPHOTO™ iPhone app, or select ‘Not Now’ and just take a look around. Browse the Getting Started Guide and Sample Album for tips and inspiration. Select the ‘Add New’ button in the top left corner to create your own!

First, name your album (you can always change this later). Second, add photos to your album by tapping the green ‘Add’ button in the top left corner to access Photos on your iPad, your existing Spoken Photos, or your Facebook account. Tap, hold, and drag the photos into the album photo area targets and drop them when the target illuminates green. Third, once they are placed in your album, tap to enlarge and record your photo stories. It’s that simple.

*Note: you will need to be logged in to access sharing and cloud features.

What is the Gallery?

The Gallery is where you can see all of the Spoken Photos that you have created and received. It’s also where you can create and share a single Spoken Photo. Save Spoken Photos from your albums to your Gallery if you want to add them to other albums or share as singles. From inside a Spoken Photo in your album, select ‘Options’ and ‘Save to Gallery’.

Can I move my photos around in the album?

Yes! Tap and hold the photo in the album that you want to move. While holding the photo under your finger, drag it to one of the other target locations on the page. If there is already a photo in the photo area, it will ask if you want to replace it. You can also drag the photos onto the left and right page targets to move the photo onto a different page of the album, or into the trash at the bottom. Moving it to the trash target will only remove it from the album, not delete your photo.

How do I add voice to my photos?

In your album, tap a photo to enlarge. You will see a circular ‘Record’ icon on the bottom of the photo and a ‘Request Voice’ button on the top right. To record your own voice, tap the microphone button, talk, and press ‘Done’. To hear someone else’s voice, tap ‘Request Voice’, type their email address, add a message if you like, and they will be sent an email that asks them to record their voice on the photo. If they don’t have the SPOKEnPHOTO app, they can record their voice online.

How long do I have to record?

You can record for up to 2 minutes per photo in your album.

How many photos can I add to an album?

There are 8 page spreads, or 16 pages, per album. It will depend on what orientation you choose but the maximum number of photos per album is 32.

What is the little white icon on the bottom right hand side of my photos in the album?

The icon signifies that there is voice attached to that photo. You can tap to enlarge and listen!

How do I share an album?

Open the album to be shared, tap the envelope icon on the left and follow the prompts. You can add additional people to an album at a later time by tapping the envelope again and choosing your preferred method.

*Note: when sharing an album, the album is locked and can no longer be modified. If you want to modify the album, you can use the Duplicate feature on the bookshelf.

My album failed to upload. What do I do?

When you share a large album there is a chance there could be an interruption in your Internet service. If this happens, a message will tell you that your album failed to upload. You can select ‘Retry’ to continue the upload.

Do recipients need the app to view the album?

Of course it will look the most impressive in the SPOKEnPHOTO Album iPad app! However, recipients can choose to view it online. At the moment, you cannot view Spoken Photo Albums in the iPhone app.

What if I want to edit a locked album?

Once an album is locked, you can no longer modify that copy. If you want to modify the album in any way (change or add recordings, photos, etc.), you must tap and hold it on the bookshelf and then select ‘Duplicate Album’. An exact, unlocked copy of your album will be added to your bookshelf. You may modify and share to a new set of recipients.

What if I want to delete an album (locked or unlocked)?

Tap and hold the album on your bookshelf and select ‘Delete Album’.

*Note: if you have shared an album, deleting it only deletes it on your iPad. It will still continue to exist on the web and on others’ iPads. Similar to other online sharing apps, anyone with the link to your album will be able to view your Spoken Photo Album, so if a recipient decides to share that link with someone else, they too will be able to view it. If you are concerned about privacy, only share with friends that you trust to have good judgement.

What are the little white icons on my album covers on the bookshelf?

The lock symbol indicates that this album can no longer be modified. The forward arrow icon means it has been shared already. The ‘f’ indicates it has been shared on Facebook. The bird icon indicates the album has been shared on Twitter.

What happens when I share my album on Facebook?

The app posts a Thumbnail of your album cover and a link on your Timeline. When the link is clicked by your Facebook Friends they view your album on the SPOKEnPHOTO web app.

*Note: You can determine your privacy level on the Facebook sharing modal after you have selected that you want to share on Facebook. Any comments on your Timeline post will be reflected in the album’s comment area on the web app, and vice versa.

What happens when I share my album on Twitter?

The app lets you Tweet a link to the album on the SPOKEnPHOTO web app. Once you select ‘Twitter’ as your sharing method, it will take you to the Twitter modal to customize your Tweet.

Someone shared a SPOKEnPHOTO Album with me, where is it?

If you have selected ‘View in the app’ from the notification email on your iPad and you cannot see the shared album there are a few possibilities: (1) It’s just taking a moment to download, you can go into your Notifications anytime and pull down with your finger to check for new activity. Or (2) they shared the album to an email address different than the one you are using for your SPOKEnPHOTO account. If they do not match, you can only view Spoken Photo Albums online. We are working on that one for our next release!

iPhone FAQ:

Why should I add my voice to photos?

Adding your voice to photos makes them ‘you’. There is nothing more personal or authentic than hearing the emotion and expression of someone’s voice. Check our
Facebook page and
follow us on Twitter
for inspiration but here are some cool ways to use it:

  • Tell funny, heroic or touching stories of events and days gone by.
  • Document your life by creating SPOKEnPHOTOs on your iPhone.
  • Send grandma and grandpa your children’s first words.
  • Create talking guest books for weddings or your cottage.
  • De-clutter your house by creating digital Spoken Photos of your children’s art projects with their commentary.
  • Make voice notes on photos to remember special details.

How do I get started?

Once you have registered for your SPOKEnPHOTO™ account, you can make your first
Spoken Photo by selecting the green button on the bottom menu bar and choosing a
photo that you want to talk about.

Why do I have to enter a password when I login with Facebook?

The password you enter is a SPOKEnPHOTO™ password which is used to access your
account in the event that you need to login to SPOKEnPHOTO™ on a new device.

What is the Gallery?

The Gallery is your default main screen where you can see all of your Spoken Photos
that you created and received from friends.

How do I add voice to my photos?

Start by selecting the green button at the bottom of the Gallery screen. Take a
picture or select one from the Camera Roll on your iPhone. Select the green ‘Record
Voice’ button to start recording your voice – you have up to 2 minutes. You can
also select the ‘Request Voice’ button to compose an email to a friend asking them
to talk about your photo.

How do I share my photos with email, Facebook?

Select or create a Spoken Photo and you will see a green ‘Share’ button in the top right of the screen. Select the ‘Share’ button to pull down your share options. If you select Email, you will be able to compose and send an email to recipients with a link to view your Spoken Photo. They will be able to view it in the app, if they are on an iOS device, or online. If you select Facebook, you will be able to login to Facebook if you haven’t already, customize your message and audience, and post the Spoken Photo onto your Timeline. Your friends will be able to play your Spoken Photo from the newsfeed or your Timeline.

Do my friends need the app, an iPhone or an iPad to view my Spoken Photos or respond to a Voice Request?

No. If they do not have the app, they can easily view and play a Spoken Photo online
via a link in the email that they receive when you share a Spoken Photo with them.
They can also view and respond to your Voice Request online.

What is a Voice Request?

A Voice Request is when you want to send a photo to a friend to see what they have
to say about it. Maybe you forgot someone’s name or what was happening in that photo
moment? Maybe your friend always has something funny to say? Maybe you just want
to hear their voice.

Can I Request Voice from anyone?

Yes, you just need their email address. Select the green button on the main Gallery
screen and choose a photo from your Camera Roll or take a photo. Then select the
‘Request Voice’ button in the bottom right of the screen. This will allow you to
compose an email to one person asking them to talk about the photo you have sent
them. Once they receive the email, they can respond to the request by downloading
the app if they have an iOS device. Or, they can view the photo and record their
voice online. Once they have recorded their voice, you will receive an email and
a Notification that your friend has responded to your voice request. You will see
the new Spoken Photo in your Gallery.

How do I respond to a friend’s voice request?

If you get an email with a voice request select the link to either download the
app if you have an iOS device, or view the photo and record online. If you get a
Notification with a voice request, select the Notification and you will see the
photo and be able to record your voice. Don’t forget, they wanted to hear what you
had to say so make sure you speak from the heart!

How do I delete a Spoken Photo?

There are 2 ways to delete: (1) Select the Spoken Photo from your Gallery and then select the garbage can icon in the bottom right of the screen. Confirming the deletion will remove the Spoken Photo from your Gallery but the original photo that you used will remain in your Camera Roll on your iPhone. (2) Press and hold the photo you want to delete in your Gallery. Select ‘Delete Photo’.

My friend shared a Spoken Photo with me, why can’t I see it in my app?

When you click the email link to view the Spoken Photo in your app it must download
it from the server, along with any others you have waiting. Depending on where this
particular Spoken Photo is in the queue, it sometimes takes several seconds to appear
in your app. You will see a progress symbol and then there will be a Notification
for this Spoken Photo that you can select to view. In other words, if you are popular
it might take a few seconds!

How do I invite friends to download the app?

Select the Notifications icon and then select the Invite a Friend option. Add the
email addresses of your friends you would like to invite from your contact list
in your iPhone. They will receive an email inviting them to download the app with
a link to the Apple app store.

What are Notifications and why should I check them?

Your Notifications icon in the top right of the Gallery screen opens a list of all
of your SPOKEnPHOTO™ activity: who you sent Spoken Photos to, who sent you
Spoken Photos, who you requested voice from, and who responded to your voice requests.
Selecting any of these Notifications will take you to the Spoken Photo that it references.
And, it’s just fun to see ‘what’s new’ and who sent you stuff!

If I share on Facebook, who will see it?

Once you choose to share via Facebook you will be able to then customize your message and audience in the Facebook sharing modal.

Why can’t I share a photo without voice?

The SPOKEnPHOTO™ Gallery is just for Spoken Photos. But any photo you take
on the camera while you are in the app also gets copied to your Camera Roll, so
you can share it from there.

Where did my Spoken Photo go?

If you can’t find it in your Gallery, or link to it from your Notifications, it
probably means that you deleted the Spoken Photo. If the Spoken Photo was one that
you created, the actual photo that it was made with is still in your Camera Roll.

Where do my Spoken Photos live?

When you create a new Spoken Photo, it resides in the SPOKEnPHOTO™ app on your
iPhone. When you share a Spoken Photo, a copy of it is placed on our server so the
people you shared it with can view it. If they have the app, they can download your
Spoken Photo into their SPOKEnPHOTO™ app on their device.

Are my Spoken Photos public or private?

The ones you create are private on your device. Any Spoken Photos that you share
on Facebook are viewable by any of your Facebook friends. Any Spoken Photos that
you share via email are available for viewing on our server via the link that you
sent to the recipients. Similar to other online sharing apps, anyone with that link
will be able to view your Spoken Photo so if a recipient decides to share that link
with someone else, they too will be able to view it. If you are concerned about
privacy, only share with friends that you trust to have good judgement.

Are the Spoken Photos in my iPhone also on my SPOKEnPHOTO Album app on my iPad?

If you use the same account for your SPOKEnPHOTO iPhone and iPad apps, as soon as you share a Spoken Photo, it will appear in your Gallery in your iPad app.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please select the Privacy link in the bottom menu bar on our website to review our
Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

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